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Our specialists:

  • pediatricians (GP Kids)

  • pediatric endocrinologists

  • nephrologist (adult / pediatric)

  • pediatric surgeon

  • pediatric cardiologist

  • pediatric pulmonologist

  • orthopaedist

  • neurologist

  • psychiatrist

  • dietitian

  • physiotherapist

To make an appointment you can call us, send an email or click on the white box below.

The latter transfers you to an external website: Znany Lekarz (sorry all in Polish). 

Follow the steps:

·     the type of visit (online vs live (w gabinecie)

·     the specialization you are interested in

·     the specialists’ names ( if more then one)

·     the availability (dates and times)

·     if you pick one you will have to register the patient

·     finally you get a confirmation message on your mobile

If it doesn’t work just send us an email